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How To Hang a Hammock with Posts

You’ve always wanted your very own hammock, I mean who wouldn’t? Wherever we see a hammock we immediately want to get on it and swing all our problems away. It’s a product made for relaxation and being humans, we generally gravitate towards that. Now that you’ve taken the leap and bought your very own hammock, the problem now is installing it. You decide to hang it between two posts, which is very practical as this affords you the luxury of hanging it wherever you like, just make sure the post holes are at least 3 feet deep and carefully back filled with concrete. Wait at least a day before starting to install your hammock making sure the concrete is dry and the posts are indeed stable bases.

Now that you have two sturdy bases ready, see to it that the available space is about 30 cm or two longer than the overall length of your hammock. In such space your hammock should be mounted 5-6 feet off the ground. Drill a pilot hole where you want your hooks, these should be approximately half the diameter of the screw of your hammock hook. Screw the hammock hook into the pilot holes and be sure to set the screw deep enough that the eye is against the the wood but also see to it that it is not over tightened. Install screw hooks only on the side of the post facing the hammock.

Use one or two lengths chain and S hooks as necessary to reach between the hammock and hook. It is completely normal for your new hammock to stretch considerably when it is new, so be very careful when getting into the hammock the first time as you might hit the ground or be in danger of tipping over. Once the hammock has been broken in properly, it should hang well enough that the chain is at least 25 degrees from the horizontal.

Always keep in mind safety first, a hammock isn’t a playground swing or trampoline, it should be used with the utmost care as excessive swinging or other rough play could result in bodily injury. Always exercise caution and remember to let it hang loose every time!