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How To Hang a Hammock Indoors

Many people think that a hammock should only be used outdoors, on a beach or between trees in your backyard, this has become the norm for hammock users around the world. But hammocks aren’t exclusive for the outdoors at all and can definitely be hung almost anywhere in your home where you can enjoy it no matter what the conditions are outside. The key here is the term commonly used as R & R which is rest and relaxation, both of which a hammock provides so now why not have that right in the convenience of your own home?

Now to get down to it, you’ll need some tools and materials to get started, primarily measuring tape, stud finder, drill, chains, eye hooks, two link chain connectors, and markers to mark drill points. Make sure to use proper hardware suspension where in this case, wooden studs should do the trick to avoid the costly risk of damage by using metal studs. Using chains is also advisable as these secure, heavy duty suspension materials are easily adjustable when using S hooks, which would come in handy when adjusting the tension in your hammock.

There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when hanging your hammock inside your home. First is distance between two objects. This can be compared to hanging your hammock on two trees as there needs to be proper distance for your hammock to give it that proper sag for optimal relaxation. This is called the ridge line length which is basically defined as the distance between both ends of the hammock once it is set up. Ideally this should be around 8-9 feet. So it is important to find a good place in your house with a lot of space to begin setting up your hammock. Second is to determine the height of your attachment points, now hanging hammock indoors doesn’t require you to know those complicated knots like you would need with an outdoor hammock. You’ll need hardware based suspension for your walls and ceiling or for hammock chairs, install eye hooks directly in the ceiling.

Specific measurements for your hammock would include: height from the hammock ends to the floor at 67 inches or 5.75 feet, distance from seat to the floor at 12-30 inches or 1-2.5 feet with both these measurements having no weight on the hammock. Now with all that said you would want to test your hammock, make sure to give all the suspension hardware a good tug before actually sitting on it. Once that is done try putting some items on your hammock first sort of giving it a test run. Once everything checks out, feel free to lounge around as much as you can with your very own indoor hammock.