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How to Fold a Hammock

Whenever it's sunny out, it is always a good idea to bring your mayan hammock outside. Whether it’s the park, beach or even just your backyard, lying around in your hammock will be the right choice. The good thing about these portable hammocks is that it is easy to set up and take down. In this article I will teach you the basic way to fold your hammock to keep for proper storage ready to be used again next time.

First thing you should do is of course take down the rope or whatever suspension you used in setting up the hammock and just put it to the side for now. Next is to lie the hammock face down stretching it wide and taking the ends and folding them, bringing it to the center and repeat it again so you’ll have folded it two times over. Put the rope and other materials you may have used in the center of that double fold and roll the hammock from the top down where you are positioned all the way to the bottom. Make sure it is properly rolled so that you won’t have any trouble putting it into a portable carrying case and that’s it, you are all done. With a bit of practice, you can do this fairly fast and easy so the more you use your hammock, the better you will get at folding it.

Once you get home make sure to store your hammock properly to avoid any unnecessary wear and tear. Keep it at a location which can be easily accessed for ease of usage the next time. It would be best to keep the rope and other materials wrapped along with the hammock to avoid misplacing one of them which will make setting up your hammock a lot harder. So that is all you need to know so get out there and enjoy the outdoors and lounge around in your hammock as much as you can.