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Facts About Mayan Hammocks – Things You Must Know

 Do you know that Mayan Hammocks are one of the most widely used and earliest variant of hammocks? It is said that this hammock has been around for about a thousand years already. 

It is made by interweaving very fine fibers to create the softest product. Typically, Mayan Hammocks are suspended lower than the other types of hammocks. It is put down crosswise and the edges can be decorated with hanging tassels. As we all know, it is hung by fastening the two end points on two perpendicular posts or trees. This particular kind of hammock is deemed to be the most comfortable of all hammocks, and for this reason, people prefer them the most. What is more, they have some distinct features that make them stand out from the rest.

Here are some other interesting facts to know about Mayan Hammocks:

  • These hammocks are made with the best polyester material so that you can fully relax and enjoy a stress-free day.
  • They are handy and naturally comfy.
  • You can easily make them even more comfortable and look better too by means of adding decorative but useful accessories including pillows, blankets, and hanging kits for hammocks.
  • As the polyester spun hammocks have protective layers to withstand harsh conditions and other harmful elements, you can install your Mayan hammock in the garden, terrace, and other locations outside the home.
  • The hammocks are all hand-woven by skilled weavers so you can be sure it is durable.
  • You will find it available in different sizes, from single, double, and even one that can accommodate 3 people.
  • For proper installation, see to it that when you hang it, it must be at waist or lower level. This must be the height so that sitting or getting out of it will be easier. Check also the ropes that are holding the hammock, they must sag a little so that your body can gently slide down into it.
  • Because they are lightweight, you can store them just about anywhere in your home or even in the trunk of your car. Then again, wherever you store your hammock, make sure that it is dry. Otherwise, the dampness can cause damage to your hammock.
  • Finally, to make sure that Mayan Hammocks will last for a long time, you must learn how to care for it properly. Avoid leaving sharp objects or even blankets on top of it. Wash them from time to time and store properly when not in use.